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Färg & Blanche indents surrounds for Succession mirrors by binding leather

Swedish studio Färg & Blanche has added to its Succession collection of furniture with a set of mirrors that feature leather frames with criss-crossed indentations. The collection of four mirrors includes three wall-hanging versions of various sizes, held in rectangular surrounds with rounded corners. A taller floor-standing mirror resembles a tapered column, and rests on a sturdy square

Massproductions’ Endless shelving doubles as an adjustable room divider

Stockholm designer Chris Martin's shelving system for Swedish brand Massproductions comes as individual units that can be linked together as many times as necessary. Martin designed the shelves in response to the abundance of open-plan living spaces, intending them to serve as storage space, as well as freestanding walls that can be used to divide areas. "Shelving is

Tango lighting collection by Paul Matter features satellite-shaped shades

Indian design studio Paul Matter has released its debut collection of lighting, including lamps with rounded shades made from beaten brass. The Tango lighting hangs on a central stem, which terminates in a hinged elbow that can be used to adjust the lamp's direction. The collection includes both globe-shaped lights, as well as

Moreno Ratti suspends marble volumes inside resin blocks

Marble shapes are held inside blocks of transparent resin to create these vases by Italian designer Moreno Ratti. Designed for Tuscan initiative MarmoTrilogy, the Suspended Collection of vessels are created using white Cararra marble – named after the mines where it is quarried. Ratti decided to set volumes of marble nto the resin, which is commonly used

Nendo simplifies Star Wars characters to make miniature minimal models

Miniature versions of Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia have been designed by Japanese studio Nendo to form the basis for a range of products based on the Star Wars film franchise. Nendo's Star Wars collection includes 16 abstract representations of characters and vehicles that feature in the series of sci-fi movies. The studio hopes